Chief Pfaffing Officer at the Himalayan Writing Retreat


Entrepreneurship is exciting – the challenge of building something new that wasn’t there before. To shape, mould and continuously evolve it to ensure it thrives. To take a business through its various ups and downs.

To me entrepreneurship is not about getting rich quick or getting a great valuation. Instead, I think entrepreneurship should be about having freedom, and living on your own terms. That is often called “lifestyle entrepreneurship”.

I love to encourage entrepreneurs, and also work on a voluntary basis with Udhyam as both a selection panel member as well as a mentor. Udhyam works to identify and support rural entrepreneurs, and operates in four districts in Uttarakhand.

Entrepreneurship is exciting because it is creative, and challenging. Businesses should also not be purely about profit. They should benefit society and local communities. I think every business should be a social enterprise – and we try and live by these rules in both the Himalayan Writing Retreat and also at Old Hill.

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